Samuel Johnson is a comic and illustrative artist and writer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He received his BFA in Comic Art with a minor in Creative Writing from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. He is well-versed in many styles and mediums including digital, paint, pencil, pen, and scratchboard.

He is a simple creature with simple interests: Pizza, pugs, sloths, video games.

Ah, yeah.

He is an incredible storyteller, exceptional at description, character design, and brooding characters full of heart. His favorite part of storytelling is creating and developing new characters. One day he hopes to share his stories with the world (honestly, he just wants to make people cry.)

Drama / Romance / LGBT / Comic

Laurent, a socially awkward black mamba, and his mother move to the island of Fairview to get away from problems in their hometown. They wanted to start a new, quiet life with people who didn't know them and put an end to the drama. When Laurent meets a blacktip shark named Tyre, that becomes all but impossible. A family war between the blacktips and hammerheads of the island drags Laurent into a fight for power when the hammerheads realize Laurent is more than a garden variety snake. His venom could be the key to power. There's no staying out of trouble when Laurent falls for Tyre, but will he be able to keep his mom safe while desperately trying to woo the boy of his dreams?

Romance / Supernatural / LGBT

A young man is invited to a secret adult club where he learns he's an incubus. He's never had any interest in sex until the hunger awoke on his twenty-first birthday. As an asexual, he doesn't know if he can handle the hunger.

An angel on trial for breaking his vows to Heaven temporarily resides in an adult club, acting as the personal assistant to the centuries-old vampire who owns the club. The discussion turns to redemption, good, evil, and desires versus duty.

A witch who performs at the club is in love with a demon who belongs to Hell. In order to be with the one he loves, the witch must unlock the contract for his lover's soul.

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